@@Inverness Castle
@AUrquhart Castle
@BEilean Donan Castle
@CGlamis Castle
@DEdinburgh Castle

@@Inverness Castle

Inverness was the Highland (nothern part of Scottland) capital. It did a lot of business in fur and fish in the medieval age.
Inverness Castle dates back to the 12th century.
Now it has become a courthouse, so we can't enter.

A@Urquhart Castle

Urquhart Castle was built in 1230, and destroyed in 1296 by the English army.
This castle is on a small peninsula mountain that sticks out into Loch Ness, and divided from the mainland by a big ditch.

It seems to be quite a ruin, but walls and stairs are reinforced with concrete. I kind of lost interest.
There is a big tower named Grand Tower, from where we can see the whole of Loch Ness.
The water of the lake is not clear because of peat.
From the middle of Loch Ness, we can see the whole castle.

B@Eilean Donan Castle

Eilean Donan Castle is on a small island in a small bay near Isle of Skye.
This castle is connected to the mainland by a long bridge.
This was built in the 13th century, and destroyed in the 18th century by Jacobite.
After that, in the 20th century, a captain of the British Army rebuilt it as a resort for his family.
This consists of only one big building.
There are many small bed rooms inside. He might have had many children.

C@Glamis Castle

"Macbeth" was set in this castle.
Since 1372, this castle has been under the care of the Royal Family.
Queen Elizabeth II's mother spent her childhood in this castle.
It is a big mansion in an even bigger garden.
I got a guide booklet of the castle, it was written in Japanese!

D@Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle is the biggest castle in Scottland.
This stands on a big rock named "Castle Rock" that looks down on the city of Edinburgh.
We can see bare rocks here and there in the castle.
The oldest building is a chapel that dates back to 1110.
It was crowded. This day was Sunday and "Edinburgh Fringe Festival" had opened. Many British people and foreigners had visited this city.
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